SUPERSTAR Series – Personal Information Handling Policy

Consent to Collection and Use of Personal Information

Dalcom Soft, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as the “company”) will receive and handle the following personal information.

Purpose of Collection and Use Category Collected Information Retention and Use Period
Mobile Service User identification on the use of mobile services, status check of double registration [Essential] ID, nickname, password, phone number, and email address Store for 30 days for the purpose of resolving consumer complaints and disputes when withdrawing as a member and from the game
Facebook account linkage [Essential] Username, profile picture, and email address
Google account linkage [Essential] Username, email address, language settings, and profile picture
Apple account linkage [Essential] Username and email address
Customer Support User identification and reference confirmation [Essential] Email address
Event and Service Marketing Delivery of products, bills, and prizes [Essential] Name, phone number, and address Store for a year for the purpose of marketing information notification (The history of notified information can be stored for 6 months from the date of notification.)
Taxation and public charges for event winners [Essential] A certified copy of an ID or the ID card that contains the Resident Registration Number, driver’s license or its copy, name, and address Store for up to a year for the purpose of event notification and winner selection (May differ for each event. The period mentioned in each event page will take precedence.)
Information Automatically Collected and Generated from the Use of Service - [Essential] Device information, mobile carrier information, IP, internet history, service usage history, misconduct history, download history, and payment history ➀ The Act on the Consumer Protection in the Electronic Commerce Transactions, etc.
  - Records concerning withdrawal of contracts or subscriptions, 5 years
  - Records concerning payments and supplies of goods, 5 years
  - Records concerning settlements of consumer complaints and disputes, 3 years
➁ Protection of Communications Secrets Act
  - Records concerning sign-in, 3 months

You have the right to refuse to consent, but please be aware that you will not be able to sign up or use the services.

When using an external account, personal information will be provided and processed only within the bounds agreed by the user.

If you use a guest account, other information except the nickname and the information automatically collected and generated from the use of service will be collected at the time of the account interlock. using an external account, personal information is provided and processed only within the scope agreed by the user.

※ Matters related to automatically collected information and other matters follow the personal information handling policy.

Revision Date : Nov 6, 2023 KST

Application Date : Nov 6, 2023 KST